🧠 deeplearning.ai-notes

My handwriting-notes & codes for the courses of deeplearning.ai taught by Andrew NG on Coursera.

🍓 dataquest-aio

All python notebooks & takeaways & my-way of descriptions for missions and guided projects on Dataquest.

📊 data-science-learning

All of courses, assignments, exercises, mini-projects and books that I've done so far in the process of learning by myself Machine Learning and Data Science.

🎯 betterexplained-vn

Vietnamese translation of Kalid Azad's articles published on BetterExplained. This is a very useful website for ones who want to understand intuitively about Math.

⭐ note

Source code for my note's website about ML, Data Science and Web Dev.

📓 raw-note

Source code of my personal raw notes. Different from better-note, I use this website for quickly capturing ideas.

☕ cafe-in-hcm

A capstone project for the course "Applied Data Science Capstone" by IBM on Coursera. Setting up a café in Ho Chi Minh city.

🎨 ThiThesisTemp

A simple beautiful LaTeX theme for books, thesis.

🐘 math2itwp

A beautiful Wordpress theme based on Bootstrap 4 with different layouts of posts.

📝 notethteme

An AIO Jekyll theme designed for the purpose of taking notes.

🔥 math2it.com

A Vietnamese site for intuitive knowledge (Maths, Education and Technology).

🎲 Math2IT Group

A Vietnamese community about math, education and technology.


🚀 TaniaJekyll

A beautiful personal Jekyll theme with different layouts of posts designed, based on Bootstrap 4 & Jekyll.


A Matlab library for Nitsche - Extended Finite Element Method.